Outpatient Services


Pathways is a day treatment program at the Akron clinic designed to help clients reduce symptoms, gain stability, and build essential life and problem-solving skills. Participants make changes to positively impact their lives and regain a sense of hope for the future. Upon assessment, the Pathways Program will be tailored to meet the needs of each client.

While in the Pathways Program, you will…

  • learn how to cope with difficult situations.
  • learn how to manage and express emotions.
  • learn about core beliefs and how they can affect daily life.
  • learn how to recognize and manage symptoms.
  • learn new ways to interact with others, how to listen to hear and not just respond, and provide support to others in similar situations.
  • improve your understanding of trauma and its impact on symptoms, relationships and overall functioning.
  • practice all of these skills and more in a safe environment.

Contact your Portage Path treatment provider to see if Pathways is right for you.