Success Stories

Terry K.

It’s been almost 10 years since Terry K. began his recovery journey. Passions long ago forgotten have re-emerged. Strength and determination are steady undercurrents in his life. Light where there was darkness, and hope where there once was despair.


Lance went the first 30 years of his life not knowing that the negative feelings and emotions he often experienced had a name. At 30 years old, his mental health issues began to really take a toll on Lance’s life, after his band broke up and he got divorced.


Thirty Two year old Thomas Bailey enters the room with a contagious smile and immense willingness to share… and there is a lot to tell. Thomas has lived a life of ups and downs with his mental health and eventually found his purpose in the mess. But finding his place did not come easy.


Sixty three year old artist, Betty had spent most of her adult life teaching. She loved her job and when she wasn’t teaching, she was creating art. All was well with Betty until a combination of a personal fallout and a major surgery in 2000 took pieces of Betty away that she would spend years searching for.


Laughs and smiles enter the room with 48 year old Alexis. She is full of sass and hope, but this is not an easy interview for her. In July of 2016 she suffered a stroke, which took many of her memories away. Now, nearly a year later, Alexis has come a very long way in her recovery journey, both mentally and physically.

Steve B.

Hopeless. Lost. Unforgivable. These are three words Steve B. uses to describe his “old” self – the one that existed before he sought professional help at Portage Path Behavioral Health. With a lot of hard work and the help of treatment professionals, Steve’s been able to remove these words from his vocabulary.

Curran M.

Having grown up always feeling in the wrong, Curran developed a hard shell to protect himself. As he grew older, he developed an anger management problem that would negatively affect his life, career, and most importantly – his marriage.

Mandy T.

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Pathways Pathways is a day treatment program at the Akron clinic designed to help clients reduce symptoms, gain stability, and build essential life and problem-solving skills. Participants make changes to positively impact their lives and regain a sense of hope for the future. Upon assessment, the Pathways Program will be tailored to meet the needs of each client. While in the Pathways Program, you will… learn how to cope with difficult situations. learn how to manage and express emotions....

Dual Diagnosis – Crossroads

Dual Diagnosis – Crossroads Dual diagnosis services at Portage Path Behavioral Health are designed to help those experiencing mental illness and substance use disorders to take control of their recovery and return more quickly to their best possible life, with fewer relapses. In addition to individual counseling and group therapy, the following evidence-based programs are the foundation of Portage Path’s innovative dual diagnosis capabilities. Bridges Bridges is a custom-designed program for...

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