Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)

24/7 operation utilizing newest psychiatric care practices.

Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)

PES is a 24/7 care center which uses the best practices in psychiatric care to help individuals manage psychiatric emergencies, stabilize crises and return safely to the community.

Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)
p: 330-762-6110

Located at:
ADM Crisis Center
10 Penfield Ave.
Akron, OH 44310

PES services include:

The Support Hotline 

The Support Hotline started in 1969 as a 24/7 service providing crisis intervention and supportive listening to help callers manage their crisis. We are here to listen to you. Our trained workers provide a safe space to talk about all sorts of feelings and problems including, but not limited to, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, loneliness, interpersonal problems and financial issues. All calls are free and confidential. We are here to listen and talk with you whenever you need help the most. The Support Hotline is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network at 988.

Evaluation, treatment and referral

  • Provides immediate intervention for persons in psychiatric crisis.
  • information, provide therapy, and prescribe medication when necessary.

Individuals arriving at Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) in a crisis are evaluated in the Emergency Evaluation (EE) unit by a registered nurse, an emergency clinician, then by a psychiatrist. The team works together to gather collateral information, provide crisis intervention and use medications, if necessary. Individuals are then referred to outpatient services, a crisis stability unit, inpatient hospitals or specialized service providers.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (C.S.U.)

CSU is a voluntary sixteen bed unit which provides a structured, short-term residential environment where individuals can be monitored and receive treatment. The goal of CSU is to manage the crisis in the most effective manner. The individual is then referred to a less restrictive outpatient service where they can continue on their treatment path and reach recovery goals.

The Probate Process

PES works in collaboration with the Summit County Probate Court. Clinical staff from the EE unit complete probate investigations within the community. This process assists individuals in receiving treatment when the individual generally does not believe they are in need of behavioral health services but appear to others to be in a crisis. To contact Portage Path about the probate process, call 330-434-1377.