Confidentiality and Rights

Our partner agencies provide a safety net for Summit County residents like you.

Confidentiality and Rights

All services provided by Portage Path Behavioral Health are confidential. Information is released only with the written consent of the patient or when required by law.

Patient Rights

As a patient of Portage Path, you have a list of both rights and responsibilities that apply to your care. Click the link below to view our Patient Rights and Responsibilities document:

Concerns About Care or Safety

If you ever have a concern about your care or your safety at Portage Path Behavioral Health, please contact our client rights officer at 330-253-3100. If your concerns are not resolved through this process, you may contact the ombudsman at the County of Summit ADM Board at 330-762-3500, or the Office of Quality Monitoring at the Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610 or