Portage Path Provides: An Employer Resource Program


Are your employees struggling with mental health issues or addiction exacerbated by the pandemic? Nearly 60% are, and eight in 10 of those have not sought treatment. This costs businesses billions in lost productivity and absenteeism per year*.

Portage Path is offering your company an introductory webinar with options for follow-up presentations and services. Content of Introductory Webinar (Catch this webinar on March 31st at 11am on Facebook Live, or request a conversation with the form below)

  • Introduction; Stats on cost of mental illness, suicide & addiction costs to businesses
  • Testimonial by business person
  • What to watch for- Signs & Symptoms
  • Benefits of Treatment- What you will see in your employees as a result
  • How it works; where to call; intake process; confidentiality; what it costs/who pays
  • Brief overview of clinical services
  • Invitation to connect and learn about our services to companies listed below

Following an introduction, your company has the option to learn more about incorporating the following into your staff programming:

  • Building a Culture of Mental Health and Resiliency- webinar
  • Management Training to identify, address and resolve potential mental health or addiction issues – custom-designed for each audience with some core information and some variable topics
  • Wellness seminars, lunch and learns, customized to the audience and need

Portage Path Behavioral Health is here to help you address these issues and create a culture of mental health in the workplace! Complete the form below to request a consultation!

Join us for an introductory webinar on how we can help you get your team back on track with our highly trained clinical professionals and accessible array of services.

*Harvard Business Review

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