Hotline Assistant Manager

Hotline Assistant Manager 


PURPOSE:    Portage Path Behavioral Health Psychiatric Emergency Services is home to Summit County’s Suicide Prevention Hotlines, including the National 988 Hotline. The primary purpose of the Hotline Assistant Manager position is to provide support to the Hotline Manager and clinical and administrative supervision to the Hotline Specialist at Portage Path Behavioral Health (PPBH) Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES).  The Hotline Assistant Manager position is a full-time position. 


RELATIONSHIPS:     The primary purpose of the Hotline Assistant Manager position is to assist the Hotline Manager with supervision of the Hotline Specialists, data collection, quality assurance and implementing procedures. The Hotline Assistant Manager works alongside Hotline Specialists to provide clinical support, coach and answer calls. The Hotline Assistant Manager will closely interact with all staff at PES; including Mental Health Technicians, Registered Nurses and Psychiatrists.   


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:    The specific skills required of the Hotline Assistant Manager are a mixture of supervisory, human relations, technical knowledge, clinical skills and organizational and time management skills.  These include: 


  1. Management and planning skills to smoothly coordinate the hotline program and supervise the Hotline Specialists. 
  1. Management skills to provide accountability and ensure quality of hotline services. 
  1. Oral communication skills. 
  1. Strong interpersonal skills. 
  1. Written communication skills for documentation of crisis calls, educational plans, materials and professional correspondence. 
  1. Clinically appropriate skills in behavioral health, crisis intervention, risk assessment, and treatment planning. 
  1. Technically competent and able to learn computer-based documentation systems.  
  1. Negotiation and constructive resolution of personnel conflicts with staff and co-workers. 
  1. Knowledge of current trends in the fields of mental health and crisis intervention. 
  1. Perform all duties of the Hotline Specialist. 


Minimum Qualifications: 

  1. Licensed Social Worker    
  1. Experience in crisis intervention and training. 
  1. Management or supervisory experience is preferred.  


PROBLEM SOLVING:    Problem-solving skills for the Hotline Assistant Manager focus on the development, management, and integration of the hotline program and Hotline Specialists into the emergency psychiatric service.  Effective interpersonal interaction with PPBH staff and community-based agencies. 


FREEDOM TO ACT:     The Hotline Coordinator reports formally and informally to the Director of Operations at PES.  Formal reports occur during regularly scheduled supervisory meetings, while informal reports occur as needed.  Freedom of action is circumscribed by federal and state law, PPBH Policies and Procedures, and by applicable standard and codes of ethics. 

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