Treatment Groups

Portage Path has a variety of group programs operating at any given time. Group treatment can be very beneficial because it allows participants to receive therapy, to learn from others, and most importantly, to see that they’re not alone in the way they feel.

Groups currently being offered:

Depression Support Group

The Depression Support Group is a safe place where you can seek shelter from the things that bring you down. The Depression Support Group offers a comfortable environment where you learn new skills to combat depression and receive support from people just like you who’ll listen to what you have to say. You can come and go as you need to, but you’ll always know you have a place to go where YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

Women’s Anger Management Group

Do you ever feel like you’ve got everything bottled up inside you and nobody understands what you’re feeling? The Women’s Anger Management Group is a safe place where you can let it all out and receive support from people just like you. You’ll also learn where your anger comes from and how to use these emotions to make POSITIVE CHANGES in your life.

Transitional Support Group

The Transitional Support Group is a place where you can learn to manage the activities of daily living with confidence. If you’d like to feel more comfortable with things like budgeting, keeping a schedule, and social skills, this group will help you FIND STABILITY while practicing your skills.

Coping Skills Group

The Coping Skills Group can help you BEGIN RIGHT NOW to become more IN CONTROL of yourself and in turn make life better and more enjoyable by teaching you skills to help you with everyday life, how to decrease the chaos in your life, ways to regulate your emotions & become calmer, techniques to increase interpersonal skills, how to become more comfortable with yourself, strategies for problem-solving, and how to deal with stress & problems.

Self-Defeating Behaviors Group

Do you ever think you are your own worst enemy, or keep doing the same things over and over again? Do you see negative patterns in your relationships? The Self-Defeating Behaviors Group can help you learn ways to feel LOVED and POWERFUL using healthy behaviors, including recognizing your self-defeating actions, learning the skills and courage to break free from years of self-defeating patterns, practicing new behaviors in a safe environment, and developing a plan of action and direction for your life.

Stress Management Group

The Stress Management Group is for people feeling stressed out – common symptoms are feeling tired, angry, & restless, back pain or insomnia, and noticing that you’re running late more often or smoking/drinking more. This group gives you a HANDS-ON APPROACH to de-stress, and provides a SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN to ID and manage stressors.

Discover Recovery Group

The Discover Recovery Group can help you manage the demands you face relating to alcohol or substance issues in your life. If you are tired of being told that you have a “problem,” the Discover Recovery Group can help you develop solutions. Best of all, the Discover Recovery Group can be completed in ONLY 6 SESSIONS.

Two Track Group

The Two Track Group is a stable place where people with emotional / behavioral AND substance issues can learn new skills, prevent relapse, and receive support. Two Track Group is not a 12-step program. Two Track provides recovery support for both behavioral and substance issues to persons at any stage. In addition, the Two Track Group is ongoing, meaning you can COME AND GO as you need.

Portage Path also offers other groups based on demand, such as Men’s Anger Management, Body Image, Grief, Chronic Care, and Health Issues. Call to see if these groups are available.