Portage Path Medical Director Retires

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On June 23rd, Portage Path said goodbye to its Medical Director of nine years, Jeffrey Moore, MD. Dr. Moore spent 30 years in various leadership roles at Cleveland Clinic Akron General and added his role at Portage Path to the mix in 2013. 

“The president of PPBH at the time, Tim Morgan, needed and Medical Director and there were a lot of ways we could help each other. We went out for dinner and he wrote up the agreement on a napkin. We shook hands and that was that!”

In 2018, Dr. Moore left his position at AGCC to focus on his role at Portage Path ‘doing God’s work’ as he describes. 

In his role at Portage Path, Dr. Moore is most proud to say he brought an immense amount of attention to improving the quality of care to the clients. By integrating the use of reports, demographics, and qualitative measurements, he was able to steer the ship to more client-centered waters and make positive changes in how clients were treated for their challenges.

The biggest challenge in his role at Portage Path? The pandemic. During the shutdown, Dr. Moore was tasked with making sure our clients were cared for. Although he admits his dislike for telehealth, he also knows how helpful it is for many clients as it helps break some barriers to treatment. “I would rather see a patient via telehealth than not have them get treated at all”. Dr. Moore lead the literal overnight shift from in-person care to telehealth when the world shut down in 2020.

“My retirement plans? I have a to-do list and the first thing on that list is to make a new list”. Dr. Moore has many hobbies he plans to indulge in, including his recent attempt at making a bamboo flute. 

“The other day, I cut down bamboo and tried to make a flute. Didn’t work but I’m not finished yet!”

Dr. Moore’s dedication to Portage Path and our clients will be missed! 


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