PPBH will achieve Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) status by 2025

Since 1971, Portage Path has been dedicated to providing behavioral Healthcare for all, no matter the barriers. This mission entails consistent evaluation of our services and operations, and a consistent drive to improve as an organization. On this quest, Portage Path has begun the process of becoming an official Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, or a CCBHC for short.

This certification comes with a checklist of required services, most of which Portage Path already offers. We are now in the process of putting into motion the pieces we have been missing that will provide a more accessible approach to care for our clients and achieve CCBHC status.

The 6 Key Components of a CCBHC are:

  • Staffing – Staffing plan driven by local needs assessment, licensing, and training to support service delivery.
  • Availability and Accessibility of Services – Standards for timely and meaningful access to services, outreach and engagement, 24/7 access to crisis services, treatment planning, and acceptance of all patients regardless of ability to pay or place of residence.
  • Care Coordination – Care coordination agreements across services and providers (e.g., Federally Qualified Health Centers, inpatient and acute care), defining accountable treatment teams, health information technology, and care transitions.
  • Scope of Services – Nine required services, as well as person-centered, family-centered, and recovery-oriented care.
  • Quality and Other Reporting – Required quality measures, a plan for quality improvement, and tracking of other program requirements.
  • Organizational Authority and Governance – Consumer representation in governance, appropriate state accreditation.

Obtaining this certification is more than just a title, but a badge informing all potential clients, funders and partners of the high standards we operate under.

Portage Path Behavioral Health intends to reach CCBHC status by 2025.

To learn more about CCBHC’s, visit https://www.samhsa.gov/certified-community-behavioral-health-clinics