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AND National Recovery Month
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Your donation will save lives and enhance recovery.

Every day, we help local people experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and other behavioral health problems.

Our vision is Access to Quality Behavioral Healthcare for All.  During August and September, we are working hard to raise $75,000 in recognition of National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month AND National Recovery Month. Combined with KJ’s 5k (our one and only event based fundraiser each year), your donation will have a significant impact on the local people Portage Path serves.

We meet people where they are, no matter who they are, to provide the best care, especially during stressful times like today.  In fact, we turn no one away. 10,000 unique individuals come through our doors each year seeking help.

We have been hard at work for nearly 50 years.  But our work is even more critical today.  The societal and economic factors in play right now disproportionately hit Portage Path’s clientele. Here are a few statistics that tell the story of who we serve:

  • 80 percent of our clients live on less than $800 per month
  • People with mental illness earn on average $25,000 less than average, whereas people in recovery often return to their normal earning capacity
  • Similarly, people with untreated mental illness have a life expectancy of approximately 9 years less than someone without mental illness
  • Summit County’s suicide rate is over 18 per 100,000 people, significantly higher than the national average of 13.42.  Portage Path is moving the needle on this statistic by implementing the Zero Suicide Initiative and the best evidence-based practices from around the world to help here locally.

We appreciate your interest in Portage Path’s mission, and thank you in advance for your donation!