KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue

2020 KJ’s 5k for Mental Health and Animal Rescue


WE ARE GOING VIRTUAL for the 4th Annual KJ’s 5K for Mental Health & Animal Rescue!


Presenting Sponsor:

Cleveland Electric Laboratories is our Presenting Sponsor for the 2020 KJ's 5k!


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You may complete a 5k on a route of your choosing between September 1, 2020 and October 4, 2020.

After August 25th, t-shirts are first come first serve, and size is not guaranteed.  If you register on the 25th or before, your t-shirt will be available in the size requested. 

Support local Suicide Prevention and Awareness efforts by participating in our 2020 Virtual 5k!

A virtual 5k means you can run, walk, crawl, bike or otherwise complete the 5k without worrying about the starting line crowds at a traditional in-person 5k. The world is your trail!

You can complete your distance any time and any where from September 1 through Oct 4, even on a treadmill if your dog doesn’t mind!

While no place medals will be provided, you can track your distance and time on any running or exercise app, and post a screenshot of your time, distance and route, and any photos you may wish to share on our facebook page with the hashtag #KJS5K to let your friends and fellow participants know how you did! You will also be able to enter your time on the race page and print a certificate with your name and time on it.

Your race packet will be mailed to you the first week of September, or within a week of registration after that. It will include a custom KJ’s 5k t-shirt with a new design and color for 2020, a unique custom designed finishers medal (medal will come separately near the end of September), a suicide prevention and awareness pin, and a numbered KJ’s 5k Race Bib. If you are participating with a pet, check the box during registration to tell us that, and we will include a special treat for your four-legged friend as well!

Suicide is a silent epidemic. People rarely talk about it. And because of that, people do not seek or receive the help they need. While suicide does not get the media attention of mass shootings, bombings or drug overdoses, you’ll see in the enclosed materials that suicide is the cause of 45,000 deaths each year in the United States. And for every one death, 25 people make an attempt. EVERY ONE of these deaths and suicide attempts was preventable with proper treatment.

By participating in the Virtual KJ’s 5k, you can make a difference!  Join us on race day to support suicide prevention and education in Summit County, and help take care of homeless animals. Proceeds benefit Portage Path Behavioral Health and select animal charities. Donations are accepted at this link: fundraiser page. Donations can also be made through the registration process.

Registration is $20 for age 16 and up, and $10.00 for anyone younger. 

Register Now!

Want to do more to help?
You can collect pledges and donations online by going to https://ohiochallengeseries.enmotive.com/events/fundraising/2020-kj-s-5k-for-mental-health-and-animal-rescue. The person who collects the most online pledges by midnight October 4, 2020 will receive a special gift as a token of thanks from our clients and the communities we serve in Summit County.

Apps to track your run or walk

If you don’t already have a fitness app, you may choose one of the following (none are required):
• Strava: https://www.strava.com/mobile
• RunSocial App: https://www.runsocial.com/
• Map My Run: https://www.mapmyrun.com/us/ (app links at bottom of page)
• Runtastic: https://www.runtastic.com/
• RunKeeper: https://www.asics.com/us/en-us/mk/runkeeper

Please Contact Eddie at EDengg@PortagePath.org if you have any questions.



Portage Path would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our mission and our suicide prevention and awareness efforts!

Presenting Sponsor

Cleveland Electric Laboratories is our Presenting Sponsor for the 2020 KJ's 5k!

Premium Sponsor

Cleveland Clinic Akron General our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Premium Sponsor for 2020!

Starting Line Sponsor

Finish Line Sponsor

Registration Sponsor

OneDigital is our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Starting Line Sponsor for 2020!
The Summit County ADM Board is our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Finish Line Sponsor for 2020!
Genoa is our KJ's 5k Registration Sponsor for 2020

Water Station Sponsor

The Fedeli Group is our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Water Station Sponsor for 2020!

Mile 1 Sponsor

Mile 2 Sponsor

Mile 3 Sponsor

Radius Hospitality is our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Mile Marker 1 Sponsor for 2020!
The Final Farewell  Project s our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Mile Marker 2 Sponsor for 2020!
Kennedy Roofing is our KJ's 5k for Mental Health & Animal Rescue's Mile Marker 3 Sponsor for 2020!

Community Sponsors

Community Sponsor University of Akron

Proceeds Benefiting