Terry K.

It’s been almost 10 years since Terry K. began his recovery journey. Passions long ago forgotten have re-emerged. Strength and determination are steady undercurrents in his life. Light where there was darkness, and hope where there once was despair.

Working upwards of 55 hours per week at his welding job – the same one his mentor and former boss gave him when he’d first started going through recovery treatment – there’s little downtime for the creative mind. Once his shift ends another begins, and Terry is off to his art studios at Akron ArtSpace.

With a clear mind and heart, Terry’s artistic talents have blossomed. His art is selling around Summit County in galleries such as Harris Stanton, and he’s won multiple national awards. He also donated his sculpture “A Conversation in Motion,” to the Akron-Summit County Public Library’s Main Library in downtown Akron. The sculpture resides in the library’s first floor.

Just as important in his recovery process as his passion for art and creative outlet, were the guidelines established by his treatment program at Portage Path. Terry’s rules of wisdom for others in the early stages of recovery… “You have to follow the rules. You can’t change them, you can’t skip a few of them. You live them, you believe in them, and then it works.”

Terry is working hard to give back to the community, too. He’s recently collaborated with two other local artists for ‘Time Capsules’ an exhibit at Summit Artspace. Other local artists are encouraged to submit works for a time capsule, which will be sealed and stored at the Akron main library for the next 50 years.

And Terry’s daughter? ‘She’s married!’ Terry says with a hint of pride and smile in his voice.

With the right treatment program, recovery does work. The supportive and encouraging staff at Portage Path not only helped Terry through his treatment, but gave him the tools he needed to succeed long term.

Together we are rebuilding lives and restoring hope.