Clinical Professionals

Our Clinical Professionals

In most professions, experience matters. This is especially true in our field, where you’re trusting someone to help you understand and overcome things that can be sensitive, confusing, difficult, and terrifying – sometimes all at the same time. Our clinical team has experience helping people just like you manage the toughest issues and discover solutions and skills you can use for a lifetime.

Akron Office

Treatment Team A/B

Melissa Elbert, LSW

Michael Kesselring, PMHNP – BC

Dan Langer, EdD

Yuan-Hua Thakore, MD

Matt Ragon, LPCC, LICDC

Julie Klein-Vovko, LISW – S

Phil Scozzaro, PhD

Carol E. Lewis, M.D.

David Comko LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

Tomoko Sherrod, LPCC-S, LICDC, CHT

Raquel Capen, LPC, LCDC-II

Treatment Team C

Marilena Achim, MD

Cynthia Seibel Lormor, Ph.D

Team Coordinator

Katherine Lympany, LPC

Lisa Renier, LISW – S

Rachel Schlosser, LPC

Bob Waldsmith, LPC

Stephanie Walker, LPC

Admissions Team

Angela Burton, LPCC-S

Admissions Coordinator

Michelle Bridgewater, LPCC-S

David Kern, LPCC

Amy Nicolazzo, LPCC – S

Kim Price, LISW – S


Michaela Honigman, LPC

Olga Rafidi, LPC-S, NCC

Team Coordinator

Medication Clinic

Julie Ashkar, PMHNP – BC

Michael Kesselring, PMHNP – BC

Wendy Barnett, PMHNP-BC

Fred Kilmer, PMHNP-BC

Mark Garretson, PMHNP – BC

Dawn McKinney, RN

Tonya Gessler, PMHNP-BC

James Tudhope, PMHNP – BC

Team Coordinator

CPST (Case Management)

Nick Butto, CPST

Jamie Coleman, QBMHS

Kimberly Cottrell, QBMHS

Daniel Dubravetz, QBMHS

Team Coordinator

Cheyenne Phillips, QMHS

Barberton Office

Liz Couts, LPPC-S

Avery Zook, PhD

Tonya Gessler, PMHNP-BC

Michael Kesselring, PMHNP – BC

Carol Lewis, MD

Nick Meister, LPC

North Summit Office

Beth Angelotta, LISW-S

Kathleen Cockfield, PMHCNS – BC

Fred Kilmer, PMHNP-BC

Susan Knope, LISW

Team Coordinator

Dan Materna, PsyD

Rachel Scarponi, LPC

James Tudhope, PMHNP-BC