Don’t Gamble with Your Mental Health

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Addiction, Gambling/Betting

We have seen it a lot recently. It seems like every time you scroll through social media or flip on the TV an ad screams at you that sports betting is coming to Ohio and they weren’t wrong. On January 1st of 2023, sports betting became legal in the state of Ohio. So, before you put it all on the playoff games this coming weekend, let’s learn about the ins and outs of gambling addiction. 

What is Problem Gambling?

The National Council for Problem Gambling defines problem gambling as “including all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or vocational pursuits.” Gambling is something that three-quarters of sport-watching Americans do. While it is a fun activity to do with small amounts of money. Make sure you follow these rules to help you make responsible decisions. 

Know your limits 

Never spend more than what you can reasonably budget. 

You are not invincible 

Just because you went on a 3-game winning streak does not mean you will never lose. Everyone loses eventually make sure that when you lose you are not over-leveraged. 

Never bet money you can’t lose 

Budget a set amount of money to bet with and plan on losing it. Treating this amount of money as if it doesn’t exist will help ensure you don’t spend the money you need to pay your bills. 

If you find your mind is preoccupied with betting, STOP 

Problem Gambling is not something that develops in an instant instead takes time. Noticing that your mood is dependent on games or that you are spending more and more time preoccupied with gambling is important to try to get ahead of your behavior. 

Problem gambling habits can take many forms but some of the symptoms may include preoccupation with bets, increased stress, mood-swings, and many more. If you believe you may be developing a gambling habit, check out more resources below. If you would like to learn more about gambling habits check out this amazing article from The Akron Beacon Journal. 

Resources for Problem-Gambling habits 

Portage Path Behavioral Health 

Pause Before You Play 

National Council for Problem Gambling 

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