Emergency Services

Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services

Portage Path Psychiatric Emergency Services, commonly referred to as “PES” is a 24/7 operation which utilizes the latest practices in psychiatric care to help individuals manage psychiatric emergencies and return to a less-restrictive environment as quickly as possible. Located on the top level of the ADM Crisis Center, PES has been modeled by other organizations both nationally and internationally. On the lower level of the ADM Crisis Center is the Oriana House Detoxification Center, which provides a point of entry to comprehensive services for the public inebriant and other chemically dependent Summit County residents. PES and Oriana Detox staff often work together to diagnose clients with both mental health and substance-related issues.

To contact PES, call 330-762-6110.


Services at PES include:

Evaluation, Treatment and Referral

Provides immediate intervention for persons in psychiatric crisis. Individuals arriving at PES are seen by a clinician, then by a psychiatrist, who work together to gather information, provide therapy, and prescribe medication when necessary. Patients are then referred to the proper inpatient, outpatient, or specialized service provider. Although PES is NOT a medical emergency facility, our proximity to area hospitals allows us access to physical care quickly.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (C.S.U.)

C.S.U. is a sixteen-bed unit located on site which provides a structured, short-term residential environment where individuals can be monitored and treated for up to 14 days. The goal of C.S.U. is to manage the crisis in the most effective manner, then refer the individual to less restrictive, less costly, outpatient-based services.

The Probate Process

Probate is a means of getting crisis care for someone who needs it, but is not willing to seek it on their own. These persons usually pose a threat to themselves or to others, and with the help of local court systems, we provide clinical intervention and treatment. To contact someone regarding the Probate Process, call 330-434-1377.