It is a heartbreaking time. Violent deaths, protests, riots and unrest in the midst of a worldwide pandemic are tugging at the seams that hold us together as a human family.  

Portage Path Behavioral Health has always been — and will always be — inclusive and supportive of diversity in all its forms.  There is no place or tolerance for racism or division within our walls. Our vision is Access to Quality Behavioral Healthcare for All.  In times like these, we double down to ensure we live by our core values of Welcoming, Client-Centered Care, Teamwork, and Recovery. Our professional teams, management, executives and board of trustees embrace and welcome all who rely on our high quality behavioral health care. We acknowledge that there are disparities in healthcare, and we will continue our work to eliminate those disparities.  Our professional teams and clients alike can rest assured that we will continue to strive for a safe, supportive atmosphere where all members our staff and the community feel welcome and included.