What are Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)?

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What does Co-Occurring mean?
Co-occurring disorder refers to having a co-existing mental illness and substance use disorder. Roughly 50% of people with a severe mental illness are affected by substance abuse at some point in their life. The combination of these two factors can significantly worsen mental illness and substance abuse causing a downward spiral. Co-Occurring is the science and art of helping these individuals find the treatment they deserve. This method of treatment has been found to be much more effective at reducing the chances of relapse.

Why do Substance Abuse and Mental Illness occur together so frequently?
There are a variety of common risk factors that can cause substance use to accompany a mental illness and vice versa. These factors vary from genetics, stress, trauma, and environment. One instance we may see a co-occurring disorder is in the case of self-medicating to “treat” a mental illness. It is also seen that substance abuse may cause the development of mental health disorders. These combinations lead to higher rates of Co-Occurring Disorders which are very treatable when done so simultaneously.

How do I Treat my Co-Occurring Disorder?
Here at Portage Path, we offer a variety of services to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment. Our services for Co-Occurring range from individual counseling, Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) through our in-house pharmacy, our outpatient groups like Bridges, and our intensive outpatient group Crossroads. These services and resources allow us to provide top-quality, well-rounded care for you.

If you or someone you know is in need of treatment for Co-Occurring disorders, please call us to schedule an intake appointment at 330-253-3100 or visit us at www.portagepath.org.

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