Sex Offender Treatment Program

The Sex Offender Treatment Program seeks to keep our communities safer by providing treatment to male sex offenders with the hopes of changing behaviors and reducing the rate of recidivism.

The program is for men who have sexually abused a child, admit to having sexually abused a child, have been adjudicated by the court, and are referred by their community supervision officer.  The program is conducted by Drs. Avery Zook and Tracy Dawyduk.

The main areas of treatment include recognizing and interrupting thoughts that lead them to offend, managing deviant sexual fantasies, building a strong support system, maximizing work capabilities, establishing a positive, stable housing situation, and developing a relapse prevention/good life plan.

The hub of treatment is a weekly two-hour group, supplemented by psychological testing and individual psychotherapy sessions.  To successfully complete the program, men typically participate for two to three years.  Members are treated respectfully, and given support while being expected to make changes in their lives in order to continue in the program.

For more information on the Sex Offender Treatment Program, call Dr. Avery Zook at 330-745-0081.