For Patients

For Patients

What exactly does Portage Path do?

Our services offer a way for you to improve your quality of life by improving your state of mind. They can involve working out personal problems, changing behaviors, or trying to better understand your world and yourself. Therapy is an interactive process, which means that you must participate in order for change to happen, and your counselor is like a teacher who helps you learn techniques and make progress toward your goals. Treatment can be in the form of individual or group therapy, and may involve medication when necessary.

Who can benefit from treatment

At one time or another, every person is faced with a situation that is tough to figure out or deal with. Whether it is feelings of grief due to the death of a loved one, stress and frustration over career or relationship issues, general depression and anxiety, or psychotic episodes, the guidance of a professional can make the process of healing faster and more effective.

What can I expect to get from treatment?

Some of the benefits we give to our clients include guidance, understanding, answers, peace of mind, confidence, improved health and improved quality of life. Our primary goal is quite simple: to help you feel better.