Dominion Event Benefits Portage Path

On March 20th, 2018, Dominion Energy’s Akron department held their annual Tour de Chili. This year, Portage Path Behavioral Health was the recipient of the proceeds. The cook-off involved 22 different chili’s, 7 kinds of cornbread and 7 desserts made by the Dominion staff  to be tested and voted on. A $2 minimum donation was required to participate and they were able to raise $315.25, and their outside legal counsel, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP, also donated $300 on top of Dominion’s proceeds for a total of $615.25.

Several members of the Dominion staff told Marketing Assistant, Emily Harrison, that they have received services at Portage Path, or know someone who has. Staff were able to take literature on offered services including SUPPORT Hotline Cards, KJ’s 5K Cards, and brochures.

Portage Path offers their sincerest thanks to Dominion’s Akron department and Benesch Law for their generosity and support. Their donation will go towards helping more people in our community receive the help they need to rebuild their lives and restore hope for their futures.

Photo 1: Staff line up to test the 7 different cornbread’s prepared by their colleagues.  Photo 2: Portage Path President Tracy Yaeger, Ph.D. is presented with the proceeds from the Chili Cook-off by Dominion employees Ben Harvey and Diana Konik.