Providing quality, affordable mental and behavioral health services to any member of the community regardless of their ability to pay is of the highest priority to Portage Path Behavioral Health.

Mental health care is such a specialized practice area, it’s so important to have trained clinicians available and accessible when a patient is in need. That’s why Portage Path has partnered with Akron General and has co-located services in select AGMC facilities. The two organizations also share psychiatric leadership. In addition, there are co-located services in both Portage Path and AxessPointe facilities.

Portage Path understands that access to high quality mental health services needs to be available to all individuals. And, they understand the importance of collaboration in order to reach those individuals. By partnering with AxessPointe and AGMC, the organizations are able to provide a full spectrum of health care in a one-stop shop. Patients are able to see family practice physicians for all their general medical needs, receive medication through the onsite pharmacy and speak with their mental health treatment provider in the same visit. Physicians are able to collaborate on their patients’ treatment plans for the best care available.

Collaborating with other health care providers and organizations of course is not a new concept for Portage Path. As a member of the ADM Board Service Providers, Portage Path often collaborates with other organizations under the umbrella to provide a network of care for individuals throughout all stages of the recovery process.

Aside from collaborating with other community healthcare providers, Portage Path also works with local universities to provide not only services but training and education as well. As a partner with the University of Akron, Portage Path provides psychiatric care for students and suicide prevention services to student veterans. Portage Path is a partner in the Compassion for the Compassionate program, and works with the University of Akron to provide PTSD treatment to residents of the Battered Women’s Shelter.

Portage Path is also a training site for Case Western Reserve University’s Community Psychiatry Fellowship program, and they provide training opportunities for PhD’s, nurses and counseling students from many other universities.