Grants Program Manager

PURPOSE: The primary purpose of the Grants Program Manager position is to oversee day-to-day operations of the CCBHC grant at Portage Path Behavioral Health (PPBH). This Grants Program Manager position is a full-time position.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Grants Program Manager reports directly to the Senior Director of Operations/Program Director, and supervises multi-disciplinary staff working on the CCBHC grant. The Grants Program Manager may request, or be requested to share information with other staff that is unique to their training and expertise, and will respond to requests for assistance from peers and other staff. In return, any staff members may supply information and assistance to the Grants Program Manager in areas of their expertise.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: The specific skills required of the Grants Program Manager are a mixture of supervisory, human relations, technical knowledge and organizational and time management skills. These include:

1. Leadership and planning skills to efficiently and effectively implement programs and projects within the CCBHC grant, and coordinate clinical program initiatives.

2. Leadership skills to enable participation in future planning of grant programs and projects.

3. Management skills to conduct performance appraisals, design action plans, staff scheduling, resolve conflicts, and provide hiring and termination recommendations.

4. Oral and written communication skills.

5. Negotiation and constructive resolution of personnel conflicts with staff and co-workers.

6. Knowledge of “state-of-the-art” practice in diagnostic treatment services and knowledge of current philosophical trends in the field of behavioral health.

7. Makes recommendations of data needed, analysis of data, outcome reporting, and project development including all current and future programming.

8. Research and data analysis skills and reporting.


Minimum Qualifications:

1 Bachelor’s degree in a related field (ie:healthcare business administration, or healthcare related field)

2. At least five (5) years of management experience with proven experience in grants management or a similar role

3. Strong knowledge of the grants process and regulations, especially with SAMSA or other Federal grants


PROBLEM SOLVING: Problem-solving skills for the Grants Program Manager focus on the oversight and management of the CCBHC grant initiatives at Portage Path Behavioral Health. The overall management of projects and initiatives occurs through supervisory and team meetings, team participation, and other related tasks. Effective interpersonal interaction at various clinical and community sites, multidisciplinary interaction, and team leadership responsibilities are areas requiring problem-solving skills.


FREEDOM TO ACT: The Grants Program Manager reports formally and informally to the Senior Director of Operations/Program Director. Formal reports occur during regularly scheduled supervisory meeting while informal reports occur as needed in notes, phone calls, or other personal contacts. Freedom of action is circumscribed by federal and state law, PPBH Policies and Procedures, applicable standards, professional ethics, and licensure and certification rules.

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