Behavioral Health


If you want to feel good – I mean really good – you typically need all major facets of your life to be in sync: your physical health, your emotional health, and, for some people, your spiritual health. When you don’t feel good physically, you go to your family doctor and get a checkup. When you need a boost spiritually, you visit your place of worship. When you need to work on the emotional – or behavioral – side of life, there’s Portage Path.

Portage Path provides a private, comfortable environment, where you can work on issues that affect the way you think and feel. We offer a full spectrum of services, and we make sure that your care is tailored to meet your needs – not a “one size fits all” approach.

What really sets Portage Path apart from other providers is our clinical staff. We have one of the largest groups of professionals in this region, trained in the latest techniques, and our caring staff can help with any type of issue, no matter how serious.