Outpatient Services


Outpatient services at Portage Path are designed to improve your quality of life by improving your state of mind. These services can involve working out personal problems, changing behaviors, or trying to better understand your world and yourself. The process is interactive, which means that you work with your treatment provider(s) to make change happen.


“Counseling” can be difficult to define, and can be many things to many people. Perhaps the best way to think about it is to view your counselor like a teacher or a guide who helps you reach your goals. Lots of things affect your quality of life – the way you handle stress, your relationships & family, your job & responsibilities, your upbringing, and on and on. Your counselor works with you to identify goals that will help you feel better, and then helps you achieve those goals through a variety of trusted techniques and strategies, effectively guiding you to a better emotional place.

Sometimes your counselor will recommend Treatment Groups or our Pathways program to help you reach your goals. These programs are very effective, and provide additional benefits that can’t be realized in one-on-one sessions.

Counselors at Portage Path are expertly trained, and experienced in helping even the most complex issues. Click here to view our treatment staff.

Medication Management

One of the things that separates Portage Path from other providers is our ability to coordinate your therapy and medication. We have a large team of psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses who work closely with counselors to make sure your treatment is as good as it can be.

The advancements in medications related to mental health and well-being have been unbelievable in recent years. Many of these medications allow people to live fuller and richer lives, with the ability to enjoy aspects of life they never could before; however, it is important to understand that in most cases, a behavioral health issue cannot be “fixed” simply by taking a pill. Common diagnoses like depression and anxiety can be helped by medication, but the issues that lead to the problem often require therapy to resolve.

We are able to accept medication-only patients who are receiving therapy at an outside location. Contact us for more information.