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Hopeless. Lost. Unforgivable. 
These are words Steve B. uses to describe his old self. A victim of abuse at a young age, Steve suffered from depression and eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain. After spending time in prison and surviving several suicide attempts, Steve came to Portage Path for help, working with a therapist and participating in groups. Now, after a long, difficult journey, he is employed, volunteers his time helping others in recovery, and describes his new self as forgiving, compassionate, and hopeful. 


Invest In Your Community

Every year, Portage Path provides life-changing services to over 9,000 people, many of whom would have nowhere else to turn if our doors weren’t open. Currently, 94 percent of Portage Path clients report an annual income of less than $20,000, with 78 percent less than $10,000 (that’s $27 – 54 a day – imagine trying to provide housing, food, clothing, transportation, and other essential needs on that budget, often for a family).

Our clients are people who have chosen to make a commitment to work on the often difficult (and sometimes scary) issues that are keeping them from leading a full, productive life. These aren’t people who are here because they have to be. They’re here because they want to be.  The services we provide are designed to rebuild lives, restore hope, and return people to a place where they can make a positive difference in their family and their community.  When you support Portage Path, you are investing in the future of individuals and in the future of our community.

Why Support PPBH?

At a time when funding for affordable mental health services is shrinking, your support means more than ever. In recent years, government funding for mental health has been drastically reduced, and reimbursement rates from sources like Medicaid have not been raised in over twenty years. Your support goes directly to providing services to clients, and helps us keep the doors open.  Please know that any amount helps fill the gap between what it costs to provide care, and what’s available to pay for it.  To give you an idea of what this means, $25 helps provide an individual counseling session for a mom trying to keep it all together.  $50 helps provide a week’s worth of Transitional Support Group sessions for a man who’s recently been released from inpatient psychiatric care, to help him readjust and return to a “regular” lifestyle.  $500 means a three months’ worth of counseling, psychiatry, and medication for someone trying to manage Bipolar Disorder.

Thank you for believing in what we do, and for making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need of affordable behavioral health services.

Donate Online

Please use the online portal below to make a secure donation. You will receive a record of your gift that you can use for tax purposes. All donations to Portage Path Behavioral Health are 100% tax deductible.  (If desired, you can also mail your donation to: Portage Path Behavioral Health, 340 S. Broadway St., Akron, OH  44308, attn. Make A Difference)

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